Boston, MA - Tippingpoint Labs announced that it has submitted Roadside Ambition to the 2005 Sundance Film Festival for competition in the feature length documentary category.

The festival, which takes place during the last week of January, has become a launching pad for the careers of many independent film directors including Steven Soderbergh and Kevin Smith.

“We’re setting our sights on Sundance since it has long been considered the Holy Grail of the festival circuit,” said Director Jim Cosco. “The competition is tough but we feel that Roadside Ambition’s comedic edge makes it a unique documentary and it will stand out from the pack.”

Of the three hundred movies submitted every year, only 16 are accepted for competition. Many independent film producers enter film festivals hoping to attract interest from distributors and ultimately sell their film for release in theaters nationwide.

Tippingpoint is in the process of assembling a team to represent the movie if it makes it into Sundance. “We’re scouting out the best producer reps, lawyers and agents we can get so we already have the right people in place to make a deal at an upcoming festival,” said Executive Producer Andrew Davis. “Documentaries are doing extremely well at the box office, and major distributors like ThinkFilm and Sony have been snatching them up at festivals,” Davis added.

Tippingpoint Labs has submitted Roadside Ambition to other top tier festivals including the San Francisco International Film Fesitval, Cinequest, and the Florida Film Festival.

After 27 years of hard work, Mike Carmichael can finally see his accomplishment officially listed on the Guinness Book of World Records website. Guinness created a brand new category for Mike: Most Layers of Paint on a Ball. Visitors to the Guinness website can even see the official certificate online.

Mike set the record back in June but missed the printing deadline for the 2005 hard copy of the Guinness Book of World Records. Unless someone beats his amazing feat of applying over 18,000 coats of paint to a ball, Mike and his wife Glenda will see their names in the 2006 version of the book next year.

Visitors to are in for a surprise. The website dedicated to Mike Carmichael’s record setting Ball of Paint has gotten a new look that includes more movie related content to better support the documentary feature Roadside Ambition.

The new site takes visitors on an interactive tour of Alexandria, home of the Ball of Paint. Visitors can explore the town, meet the locals, read about the ball of paint, and follow the latest news about the movie and the ball. The site also features new video including behind the scenes footage and outtakes from the movie.

“Many fans have already watched the trailer on the existing site, and we want to give them a reason to come back and learn more about the town and the movie,” said Executive Producer Andrew Davis. “Since the ball of paint site was launched last year we’ve literally had hundreds of thousands of hits. We want the new site to take advantage of this buzz in order to better market the movie.”

Visitors can log on at or

Producers Andrew Davis and Jim Cosco announced the completion of the initial cut of Roadside Ambition, their first feature length documentary. The film profiles the small town of Alexandria, Indiana and local resident Mike Carmichael’s efforts to revitalize his hometown’s struggling economy by turning his 1300 pound “ball of paint” into a roadside attraction.

“We have a rough cut together that we’re very happy with,” said Director Jim Cosco. “From here we want to try to trim the movie down to the best 90 minutes before we proceed to final mastering.”

Producers plan to test market the movie by holding private screenings to gauge audience reaction. “These test screenings are the best way to find out what works and what doesn’t before a wide release,” said Executive Producer Andrew Davis. “As filmmakers, it is sometimes easy to get too close to your story and these objective opinions are invaluable for improving the movie and making the story we are trying to tell even better.”

After limited test screenings, the producers will rework the movie and plan to have a final edit complete by the first of the year.
“We are getting a lot of positive feedback. We’ve heard over and over from people who refuse to believe that this is a true story,” Cosco said. “Most people assume the movie is a mockumentary along the lines of Waiting for Guffman or Best in Show when they hear about it which attests to the strength of the story and the characters.”

For the record, Roadside Ambition is the amazing true story of one small town with a huge set of balls.

Tippingpoint Labs, the production company behind Roadside Ambition, has moved into new offices. Our new building is three times the size of our old production offices and includes an Avid nonlinear editing suite. In the coming months we plan to add a voice over booth and a state of the art screening room. Our new contact info...

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